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The 4th International Conference of Biomarkers in Chronic Diseases invites you to participate and be part of the knowledge exchange gathering that will be held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
And this primary vision is to gather delegates and experts from across the globe to participate and contribute in this informative event. The 1st International Conference of Biomarkers was held last 2005 in Lugano, Switzerland. Since then succeeding conferences were held in Berlin, Germany in 2007 and in Seattle Washington, USA in 2008. This years' conference promises to be as exciting and interesting as ever, and we will provide a forum for an interactive transfer of current ideas and information.
This three
days conference brings together researchers, professionals and students, working in the larger area, and active in a wide range of biomarker concept and disciplines.
Abstracts for Scientific Research Categories and related topics are on the following:
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular
Conference Main Themes
  • Integrated biomarkers in diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases
  • Integrated approach to biomarkers perspectives
  • Biomarkers in emergency cases
  • Biomarkers and  treatment of chronic diseases
  • Biomarkers in  clinical practice and pharmacodiagnostics
  • Disease progression models and biomarkers
  • Integration and future trends for biomarkers
  • Biomarkers in metabolomics and genomics
  • Biomarkers in research and development
    (transitional research in biomarkers)
  • Biomarkers assay development
  • Technological discovery in biomarkers

Poster Guideline

1. All participants in the poster session will receive a poster code number which will be prominently displayed on the posters exhibited during the conference. Posters will be graded by the scientific committee for competition and a prize will be awarded at the end of the conference. Please be present during your assigned presentation time.

2. All posters should be in PORTRAIT layout, measuring 90 cm tall × 60 cm wide.

3. The information flow should be uniform, i.e. either from top to bottom or from left to right, but not both.

4. Format of posters: 
    -  Introduction: A few brief sentences that states the purpose of study. 
    -  Methods: Methodology employed to conduct study. 
   - Results: State outcome of study as illustrations, tables, figures, graphs, photos, flow charts, etc. 
   - The amount of text should be kept to a minimum to convey the pertinent information related to the presentation. Text font should be large enough to be easily readable from a meter distance. 
   - Conclusion: Briefly discuss the data and the significance of the results outlining a summary/list of recommendations.

5. Title, Authors and Institutional Affiliation 
   - The heading should be prominently displayed along the top of the poster and include the title of the poster, authors' names and organization(s).

6. Table, Charts, Illustrations, etc. as required 
   - Letters for text in the body of the poster should be legible for comfortable reading at a distance of 2 m away. 
   - Be consistent with headings, whether they are all capital letters, bold face or italic faces. 
   - To help viewers follow the flow of ideas, number or letter each illustration and cue it into your text. Each chart or table should have a labler or explanation.

Important Dates

Presence in Riyadh             : 3rd of May, 2010

Abstract Deadline               : 1st of February, 2010

Participation and
Registration Deadline
       : Before 30th of April, 2010

Hotel Reservation Deadline:   30th of April, 2010